Paula has died :/

  • Our girl Paula is no longer with us. We did not know that we had to put a rooted clone in the bloom! We are rooting another Papaya cake and will be putting it in the bloom in the next few days.

    Silly us!

  • Hi! It is compeltely possible to root a cutting in BLOOM. To do it, you need to turn up your flood cycle a bit (5 minutes every 30 minutes, under "advanced settings) and turn your lights and temperature way down. I'd run lights at 35% (also in advanced settings) until some roots start forming, and turn temperature to about 72. And make sure to keep the humidifier full! If you have any questions, please reach out, we love the learning!

  • @jt sorry for the late response! I was not able to save her.

    We are getting a rooted clone on Saturday and would love some guidance on how to acclimate her. We need this one to live!

    Thank you!

  • I'd turn lights down to 40% or so until you see new roots start to come in (usually just a day or two). Other than that, you should be OK! I've never lost a transfer with established roots, hopefully you'll be good too! To turn down lights go to menu/advanced settings/light power and use the slider. This is usually not needed with a rooted clone, but let's be extra careful for take two. Don't forget to turn your lights back up!

  • @ThatsPlantastic Good luck with the new clone! I've seen a lot of successful rooted clone transplants to the bloom as well and think it'll do better this time around.

  • @jt thank you! Please follow our adventure with Georgina ! I posted above .