Cherry Tomato: Super Sweet 100

  • Day 6
    I noticed that the seeds sprouted yesterday. I must have dropped several seeds into the whole; I pinched off all but two seedlings, and will pluck one more in a few days.

    Day 6.jpg

  • @JK How is your plant looking this week?

  • 21 days in and It seems to be growing well. The purples are much darker than when I've grown this variety in the greenhouse.IMG_0175.jpg IMG_0177.jpg

  • @jk Oh, and it smells wonderful. Like a mature tomato plant in summer.

  • Looking great so far! Thanks for sharing.

  • Changed stages to enter the bloom phase today, day 26.

    There was a slightly funky smell. (I've never used the CO2 generator, could it be from that?) When I changed the water, I rinsed out the nutrient tank and the humidifier with fresh water just to be safe. (I did not use any chemicals, just tap water.)

    There is some very slight curling of the leaves, but I think the plant looks healthy. Nutrient levels, ph, temperature, etc., all seem to be staying within the target ranges. I've not modified the recipe.

    (It is giving me error messages when I try to upload pictures... I'll try again in a minute.)

  • Here are the pictures from yesterday.
    It keeps growing!


    There was a funky smell, so I checked the roots. The smell was not any stronger in the root tray, and the roots looked good.


    I think the plant looks healthy. There is some very slight curling of the leaves. This picture was taken yesterday, today there is more curling. And today the plant looks a little droopy. I'm watching it, but not too worried. When I've grown this variety before, the older leaves always seemed to curl.

    d26-Leaf curl.jpg

  • Hi @JK, in regards to the leaf curling - what is your PPM target set to and has it been within range? You can check your hourly, daily, and weekly charts by tapping the PPM target on your home screen. What are the Ratios of each nutrient in the current stage of your recipe?

    It is hard to address the "funky smell" you're smelling without smelling it :) but it could just be the smell of the nutrients in the enclosed unit. I think your roots look fantastic and I would be more concerned about this smell if that wasn't the case. Keep us updated on whether or not it gets stronger.

  • This tomato and the roots look really healthy. This looks like "normal" older leaf curl on tomatoes. If your younger leaves start curling a lot we can dim the lights (don't see any need to do this yet).

  • Outside, bleak winter; Inside, tomatoes are growing!

    Yesterday I moved to Stage 5: Fruiting. The plant has in fact started setting fruit.

    First Fuits.jpg

    I had trouble when I changed the water yesterday. The extension hose leaks, and I spilled water. So, when it all started back up the moisture sensor gave an alert. I dried it, but must not have reseated the grow tray correctly, because it flooded a second time. I dried it out again. But a few hours later the plant did not look good. I got an alert that the temperature had dropped below the target range. (Which was odd, the temperature inside the Bloom was below the house temperature.) I ran through the system check; everything seemed to be working. An hour later, I watched to make sure the roots were being flooded, and everything seemed to work. It took around 7 hours for the ph and nutrients to reach their target range. Everything has stayed in range since then. The plant has perked back up.

    day 42.jpg

  • Hi @JK, thanks for the update and that is a TON of snow! Good thing you have the BLOOM to be able to grow fresh tomatoes during a blizzard!

    In regards to the leaking drain tube, can you provide more detail as to where it is leaking from? A video or photos would help us to understand where the leak is coming from and we can send replacement parts if needed. If easier, you can text videos or photos to our BLOOM phone number (866-851-2610). It can be deceiving, but it's important to make sure that the tube is fully clicked into place in the orange quick connect. Sometimes you'll hear a first click, but need to push it in even further until it's fully inserted. Same goes for when you are re-attaching the Mixing Tube inlet quick connect after draining.

    Your plant is looking healthy and I think it could benefit from installing the trellis. Those tomatoes are going to weigh down the plant pretty quickly and it'll need some support. The trellis and suction cups are found in your Accessories Box.

  • The leak is from the orange quick connect. I spent a long time trying to get it seated correctly, but I have not ever managed to get that one on right. When I first start the drain cycle it leaks a lot, then when the flow of water gets going the leak dies down, but when the tank is nearly empty and there are lots of air bubbles, then it leaks a whole lot. My phone seems to have trouble with videos, but I'll try to get one for you.

  • @JK Here is a video showing the possible cause of the leak from the quick connect. @JT experienced this same issue a few times before realizing he did not have it fully clicked in. Let us know if this makes a difference! Thanks

  • I've been aggressively running the suckers on my vine--keeping it to a single vine that I am training in a spiral.

    Over the past few days I've been seeing what seem to be suckers growing off the older branches. Here is a picture:


    I'm afraid I had plucked the larger ones before I thought to take a picture, but a few of these had grown 5-6 inches tall and set a couple layers of leaves. It is fascinating.

  • Tomatoes will put off suckers between every set of leaves, pretty much, and when you pinch those off they can try again. You definitely have to stay on them!

  • I am having a lot of fun watching the tomato grow. @JT I had no idea that it would try to produce suckers off the main vine. It is just wonderful to watch. Here are some pictures for day 49:


    The tomatoes are looking promising:

    Green Toms.jpg

    I am a little concerned about the new growth, the branches are curling a lot. Should I decrees the intensity of the light? Or maybe increase the frequency the roots get flooded?

    Curl branch.jpg

    I am also wondering about trimming some of the old branches:

    Old Leaves.jpg

    Thank you for all the help!

  • @JK -- tomatoes are funny looking plants :). The leaf curl can be reduced by dimming your lights. I'd start with going to 90%. I'd also just cut off any like in the second photo, that are just looking like "dead weight" to the plant. You can take a LOT of leaves out of there and still be growing well.

  • @bloomcs I changed water today without spilling water everywhere for the first time. The video showing how to avoid the leak in the quick connect was very helpful. Thank you.

  • 56 days since planting, at it is has an unbelievable number of tomatoes!


    I've been pruning it to a single vine and training it in a spiral along a piece of string... I think it is working. Last week I dimmed the lights to 95% and tightened the spiral so the vine is a little further away from the wall lights. There is still some leaf curl, but not as much as last week.


    No color yet, but I think they will start to ripen any day now.


    Does the root mass every become a problem? Should we ever trim the roots?


  • Looking good! Every water change I push the roots back over to the right side of the root blockers (under the root view panel on the left) to keep them from growing down into the reservoir. Other than that, you can let the root mass get as big as you'd like. Bloom comes with a trellis system (inside the accessories box), and I think you are ready to install it and let the plant start growing through. Let us know if you need some direction there.