Samoa kush

  • Advice taken. Well see what happens!
    It is stretching fairly quickly right now. I will probably cut the next seven days to three but we'll see.

    Here she is today pre trimmed and post trimmed.
    RNFetchBlobTmp_ypotq2mzhoylmyr1l25bo.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_sqkzjxzbwdbm1tjwp9xt8a.jpg

  • Am considering my recipe right now and whether or not I need to make any changes.
    This plant is fairly large and from what I can tell denser than anything that has been grown. Am wondering if I need to change anything to the recipe to accommodate that.
    I was thinking that since it's so dense that there are going to be stalks that don't get as much light on the interior. Do you all think that because of that I extend one of the bloom phases longer to help saturate the plant a little longer with light?
    Any other tweaks I should make due to it being so dense?


  • @GrowerPicker sent me a picture from the front view (I'd post it here if you can). Your plant looks legendary! Do I see pistols??? If so I would remove all the growth under your trellis and flip her into flower a week after.

  • Your flowers will tell you when it is time to harvest, and we can help there, you can always repeat the last bloom phase a few times if needed. The top light is what will get the light to the middle colas, so you are ok there too. And yes, as hen said, many more problems from being in the lights than being a bit short, so best to go early. Nice pruning, with that much plant mass you may start to have real high humidity issues so taking all those leaves out will make it healthier. She’s beautiful!

  • She's a girl! You can now tell it's a female for sure.
    Here are some pics.
    Tomorrow she switches into early bloom again. This is cutting it close for sure but she'll be ok.
    I switched the watering from ten minutes to 15 minutes. She seems to be very happy with that setting. I think she was so dense that ten just wasn't cutting it.
    Here is a before and after of the pruning today. It's getting fairly difficult now with so much mass to get room to grow.
    RNFetchBlobTmp_vb7q7aytlha8995dkg992m.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_ni8dxcvwjuisb0ai6hutq.jpg

  • She's a monster! Well, you are going to be the test subject on just what the limits of the Bloom are, good on you for this necessary 'research' :D

    Cheers, Bud!

  • Nice @GrowerPicker! Can you give us a front shot?

  • I'll get a picture for you tomorrow.

    It is about 40% of the way up the bloom. I'm taking close note on how far this strain stretches. If we get a full doubling, I'll be just short of the top for all but 1 stalk. If we get more... well... We'll see!

    My biggest worry is the density. I worry whether we can get enough air flow through the plant as it flowers. I worry about the light with such a dense plant. But of course, thats the entire purpose is to find out. We'll see!

  • This is for science. I'm all about the scientific method. Let's see what happens when forty stalks grow three feet tall and bloom. <- see what I did there?!

    I changed the water today and it switched to early bloom. So 12/12 with lights and a small change to the nutrients.

  • I trimmed it again today. Here are top and side pics.
    20210408_154724.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_uiiul3xdplweom8zj5u.jpg