PH fluctuations on a new bloom setup

  • Hi everyone

    Finally got my bloom and started my first grow yesterday. While monitoring the stats over the first 8 hours I noticed some wild fluctuations in the Ph.


    The high was just the tap water starting point but with the PH down trickled in to drive it toward the 5.7 target range in germination. However it nose dived to 4.1 and held for several hours. A alert popped up on the bloom calling for removal of the PH Up reservoir cap. Overnight the PH stabilized to the 5.7 target.

    Super curious why removing the cap of the reservoir help the movement of PH UP back into the water supply? Is this just a new machine with trapped air creating a vacuum in the reservoir?

    More for my own education so no rush. Just me feeling out on the new toy


  • @pdxbloom We're so sorry that we somehow missed this post. Did you happen to snap a photo of this alert? Removing the Reservoir cap should not make a difference so this advice may need to be adjusted. Has your pH been steady since this issue?