Trainwreck in the making

  • Hello all

    It’s day 4 in my first grow : Trainwreck sativa dominant.

    After a bumpy first four days, including a 30 hour blackout during an ice storm, seeing the first signs of life!

    More to come


  • Oh no! Stay safe and warm out there. Glad to see that your seed has sprouted fairly quickly despite the blackout.

  • Day 6. Identifiable leaves. Second seed emerging as well.


  • So we are on day 6 and about to flip to stage 2. With the 30 hour loss in the germination stage, should I delay the stage graduation or just let it run its course?

  • I'd probably delay the stage change a day or so, just to give the branches time to strengthen a little more.

  • @pdxbloom NICE , Double Pop. Are you planning to let both grow ? I have done two in one hydro bucket in the past and they shared the basket and bucket well.

  • Thanks for the advice. Delaying a day. The stalk is filling in but the leaves are a bit small still.

    Not sure about the double grow. Since this is my first I will probably stick to one. AEB6A526-53B9-498A-B933-F09762B243D6.jpeg

  • From my experience in bloom so far one will be plenty, especially with a sativa dominant!

  • Day 10 of stage 2.

    Removed the “weaker” seedling following some of the other bloomers on the site. (Thanks gr0w3r)

    Nutrients are hovering at 700+ with the target set to 600 at the start of stage 2. Assume that the lower volume of water in the reservoir is making it a little difficult to stabilize just 24 hours after the stage change. 02BA912A-2C3C-43A2-BE33-41A07F2C517C.jpeg

  • Any concerns that the seedling is off center?

  • Give us a side picture?

  • Day 13 and the leaves are taking shape with new ones emerging.

    Nutrients are still above the range and have been high since the stage change. Debating on diluting the water manually to get it back to 600 target range. Thoughts?

    E1BF9F8C-3BCE-47AC-B7A4-45A3D9230ACF.jpeg 07226FC9-2710-406D-8224-26E20154CC4A.jpeg

  • @pdxbloom, you should go ahead and dilute with a little water manually if your ppm is too high. I don't think there is a way for the Bloom to remove nutrients or add water without your help. As a note, when your plant gets a lot larger you may need to do this more frequently. I've found adding water about every 2 days has been necessary for mine 60-70 days into the grow.

  • @HenHennesy thanks for the advice. Adding a gallon of water every hour to prevent a PH spike. Nutrients PPM coming down as expected.

  • Looking good! I have found two ways to control ppm creep as plants get big. 1) add water daily (1/4 to 1/2 gallon a day as plans get bigger), 2) decrease light intensity. You only want to do this as plants get big, but it slows respiration. Since ppm is spiking as plants use more water than nutrient, lowering lights will balance that. But right now let it love the light

  • Day 15. Filling out nicely over the last two days. Nutrients PPM in the range with adding a couple of gallons of water every morning.

    ![0_1614458981378_CBAAF439-8275-4E3D-B5AD-34CDC6D5672C.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

  • Day 18

    Leaves are filling in nicely now. Just transition to stage 3.

    Post water change, the PH dropped to 5.3 with a target at 5.7 (range 5.5-5.9). Then over the next 5 hours the PH dropped steadily to 4.9 triggering multiple alerts along the way down on PH being too low. I went through the troubleshooting help but it didn’t seem to rectify the problem. An hour later, I went through the PH menus on the Bloom and found a way to test the PH up pump. Essentially the test provides a dose which was exactly what I needed to get back into the range. While I am sure that was not what the test design was for so is there a need to have a manual dosing option?


  • Day 20 - My first topping of the plant. Followed all the great content in the forum to reduce my sets down to three to promote a wider growth pattern. Really nice to see the smaller less mature leaves underneath the cut ready for action.

    Being a newbie, cutting the plant felt wrong but assume that feeling goes away really quickly as it seems like a reoccurring activity in the life of the plant. :)

    F6916FF4-C3EC-4269-BE60-0A3F882D66F7.jpeg 3FB5C00C-BF83-4AEF-AC22-7E315A941542.jpeg 669C07C0-D03C-4E7C-8859-07712F17B574.jpeg 37F4E9FB-02A0-4F31-BA04-088676F32821.jpeg

  • @pdxbloom This is great (and where I went awry with my grow) -- I'd be interested in pics of your future prunings as well!

  • You topped it perfectly! Don't feel bad about it, you are making your plant stronger, and you'll see with frequent pruning your plant actually really likes it. After you have topped it 2-4 times or so and starts to get a little height you should think about training the plant as well to really make use of the horizontal space.

    Looking great!!