• Here is my first under cut and trellis training after recovering from the topping.





    This is how many node/potential new branch sites I have undercut/trimmed off.


    As I have mentioned before, this process feels wrong and looks scary. However it is VERY beneficial for new growth and will increase the plants overall strength/yield.

    See @HenHennesy for proof.

  • @i_like_plants looking great! Thanks for the video!

  • FlapsJacks is looking AMAZING!

    DId my first deleaf and topping today.

    Here is the before


    Here is the after


    I took the top as an attempted clone, that will ideally be grown out doors this season. (rooting hormones used)

    Here is a short video of my thought process of where to top.

    video flap jacks topping.mp4

    The dialog basically says take out the weak branches, nodes and leaves. Try to match your lower strong branches which will be trained out horizontally with the provided trellis.

  • @I_like_plants We're glad you caught that early and that we could get the issue resolved quickly. Welcome to Beta :)

    Certainly keep us updated if you run into anymore issues and we look forward to seeing how this plant grows after the initial hardship.

  • WHOA! That is the coolest looking stem I've ever seen haha. Straight up Willy Wonka plant. That might look super cool when she gets big.

  • Had an unfortunate happening this past weekend. My system drained all of the nutrients into my water reservoir and did not communicate this to my app. Luckily we caught it visually and drained it immediately.


    You can see the lower leaves got fried with nutrient burn. On the bright side the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" can apply to cannabis in some cases.

    I filled the res with freshwater, reintroduced nutrients back into the system a day later and trimmed off the burnt leaves. Now the flapjacks is crushing it.


    Shocking the plant can lead to devastating resulting if not corrected in a timely fashion. However stressing a plant out, especially environmentally, can lead new stronger, more resilient growth when it bounces back and even signs of sex sooner. I do not recommend growers purposely do this but it has happend to me in the past and I have seen amazing results. Long story short, if something does go wrong in your system it may not be the end of the world for your plant.

    Lastly my seed popped and grew so funny! check this curly stem out.


  • The growth you will see over the next two weeks will be amazing! Please keep us posted as she grows, and happy pruning.

  • New sets of leaves are coming in strong and quickly. The stage change certainly helped once she popped.


  • It took this seed a while to sprout and get some growth going but here she is! Just finished a stage change so I am hoping to see her begin the take off.


  • I can't wait to see this strain, going to be dank!