Nutrients PPM struggling to reach target

  • My plant is in stage 3 Transition to bloom at day 19 overall. Nutrients PPM target set at 1350.

    It’s been 20 hours since the flip to stage 3 and the PPM has not reached the target. It’s gotten as high as 982 but has oscillated between 300-900.

    I attempted to calibrate the PPM sensor but received an error.

    Any thoughts on what I should do? Not sure about the time expectation on reaching and stabilizing at the target PPM

    2426EF8C-80FC-4BBB-8242-4A3B0C0330B4.jpeg 5747F52E-B094-491B-924D-31E96F921355.png

  • Hi @pdxbloom, thanks for sharing your charts. It should not take this long to dose up to the proper PPM range. I saw your other post as well on manually dosing the pH solutions through system check. Were you able to get the pH back up and stay at the right target?

    Let's try and do this manual dosing method to get the PPM within the target range and then we'll keep an eye on how well it maintains this value. Go to System Check and only test the A, B, and C dosing pumps. Do each one time and see if the PPM increases as it should. Let us know the results of this when you have a chance.

    You are also on the right track with wanting to calibrate the PPM Sensor, but you will need the PPM Calibration packet to do so. We can have that sent to you within the week.

  • Thanks for responding. PH stayed in the range overnight but dipped to 5.0 about 30 mins ago so I did a quick dose again to get it back to target. (See chart below)

    Did one dose of each of the nutrients and PPM but nothing has changed. It may have taken a turn for the worse as the PPM gauge seems to be stuck at 685 for the last hour (post dosage). Screen shot below of the chart. I rebooted the control panel and its not reengaging. (Attached chart below)

    D3782D29-E27B-4247-AE3D-97476B95AD09.jpeg 863F86E6-6CBD-40D1-BF9B-5928E6AEF291.jpeg

  • Continued to tinker with the Bloom. Turned off the power and turned it back on after sitting idol for 15 mins. PPM sensor reengaged and PPM shot up to 1890. Added water to the reservoir to bring it back to the range. I will monitor PPM and PH over the next several hours and report back on anything unusual.

  • Looks like I may have a PPM sensor problem. Assuming this type of volatility is uncommon in such a short duration.


  • @pdxbloom that is very uncommon.

  • Just wanted to close the loop that the calibration process solved the PPM problem.

  • Glad to hear it and please keep us updated if anything else comes up, we're always here to help!