Lilac Bell Peppers

  • Started some Lilac Bell Peppers from seed about 10 days ago and 2 little seeds finally sprouted!


    Going to let the bigger one get a little stronger before snipping the smaller one. Excited to see how this plant does for Grow #2 in my BLOOM!

  • Thinned her down so now I just have one strong seedling. I was away over the weekend and I think she tripled in size by the time I got back!



  • @spicypeppers123 I love plants at this "toddler" stage. Looks so good!

  • The plant is in great shape these days, I cannot believe how big some of these leaves are! Bell Pepper plants are bushier plants, but I'm turning off the side lights to see if I can get her to stretch a little taller.

    From Monday 4.12:




    Mutant leaf! Looks like two grew together to be one haha

  • @SpicyPeppers123, already looks healthier than every bell pepper plant I've ever grown in my outside garden!

  • Lost track of the days because I played with the recipe a bit, but I want to say it's about day 30-35? The leaves are just getting larger and larger, it's wild! I'm debating pruning off some of the tops ones, but everything I'm reading says to wait until the plant is at least 12 inches tall.

    I think I'll give it another 4-7 days and then take off some of the largest leaves so that the inner and lower growth can get some more light.



  • Had to do some pruning, these leaves were just huge! I'm starting to see flowers developing on the inner branches, so I want them to spread out begin to get some more light.

    Before (2 days ago):


    After pruning (2 days ago):




    It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but the plant has grown upwards about 2 or 3 inches, which is what I was hoping for. The new growth looks healthy and it doesn't appear that pruning has stunted it, which is what I was afraid of. This is a bushier plant in general, but I may experiment with the trellis soon to see if I can get the branches to spread out a little more. So far it seems like it wants to grow in one giant cluster. Hoping to make room for some bells to grow in!