Ackbar OG -- Mostly Daily Grow Walkthrough with Lots of Photos and Video

  • I planted these three feminized seeds in one pod on Nov 1 using a recipe I built that is tailored for the growth cycle of Ackbar. We'll see how well it holds up. I'll adjust the recipe and update it based on how this grow goes, then upload for general consumption.


  • Had germination in less than 48 hours, but it didn't emerge from the dibble until Day 4.


  • Day 9, time to prune to one seedling. I moved to stage two yesterday, which moved PPM up to 600.


  • Day ten. Growing nicely. You can start to see some "true" leaves forming. It should start to take off pretty fast from here.


  • Here's a video from yesterday showing the pulling of the extra seedling. I wouldn't recommend doing it like this or you could damage the roots on the one you want to keep. But I like to live dangeroulsy and I was trying to save the seedling for experimenting with elsewhere. Best practice is probably to prune carefully with pruning shears or scissors. Click IMG file below to view.


  • Day 11. Continued leaf growth on a very compact plant. Nice roots!

    IMG-7197.jpg IMG-7196.jpg

  • Day 12. Very compact growth. You might be able to grow a tree in here.

    IMG-7203.jpg IMG-7204.jpg

  • Day 14. Feels like it is doubling in size every day. Up to the third set of true leaves. My recipe says to switch to Aggressive Veg now, I'm going to hold here at this stage for 1-2 more days to let roots grow out just a bit more before going with that strong a nutrient solution.

    IMG-7244.jpg IMG-7245.jpg

  • Look at the difference between a Bloom seedling and most seedlings. The plant in this picture in dirt is about the same growth stage as the seedling in Bloom. (both on second or third set of true leaves). I've never seen such compact growth (as in the Bloom). The internodal spacing is so tight. I think this kind of compact growth means that a LOT of different varieties can grow to maturity in here, and I'm really curious to see how it grows out.



  • Day 17, I will flip to Stage 3 of my grow today (aggressive veg). roots are very well established and it is growing fast, so it is ready. I will also look at if it is time to top for the first time, if I can get a clean cut today I'll do it (and post some photos).

    IMG-7279.jpg IMG-7278.jpg

  • Day 18. Easy Water change. Good growth.IMG-7309.jpg IMG-7310.jpg IMG-7291.jpg

  • Day 19, VIDEO LINK -- first prune. My goal in pruning is to create a lot of colas. I'm going to prune early and often so my plant has about 10-12 individual flowering branches, and is still as low as possible as I throw it into flowering. Prior to pruning I'm looking for good healthy growth and roots. This plant is way compact since i started in Bloom from seed. I trimmed above the third set of leaves. Don't worry about taking off "too much," I'm going to keep the plant short in this grow box until I see how far it will stretch in flowering stage.

    If you look at where I prune, I am looking for a place where I have good access (enough stem that I don't cut the little leaves on the shoulders). I point to 4 smaller leaf bunches in the video -- those each will grow into their own branches. Then I'll prune each of those in a week or two, creating 8 new branches, and prune a few of those to get to 10-12. It will happen fast, I plan to move to transition to bloom in two weeks!

    Enjoy and comment if I'm messing up anywhere!


    PS, sorry about the flashing the LED lights must be synched different than the video. I messed with it a bit and I think it is greatly improved if you turn off the top lights and leave the side lights on 100%.

  • Hello @Gr0w3r, I have a couple questions. What is a colas? How can you tell that the roots are healthy? Is it color or length, or combination of factors? Great looking plant, can't wait to follow along with the rest of this grow and learn lots!

  • @pg13, a "cola" is a flowering branch of a cannabis plant. good article on it there.

    The roots should look dense and mostly white, with healthy tips. The roots in that video are really healthy for that young a plant.

  • Thank you very much, I look forward to learning more about growing and about plants.

  • VIDEO! Pruning video showing taking off two big leaves that were blocking light to the branches I'm trying to cultivate. I try to point out the 6 stems that are growing out with the scissors tips. I'll prune each of these stems this week, turning this into a 12 stem plant, then keep it pruned to that. Also, pre and post prune, day 22 pictures.


    IMG-7341.jpg IMG-7339.jpg

  • Day 26. Really taking off now. I'll prune tomorrow for the last branch creation. After that it will just be thinning as it grows.

    IMG-7403.jpg IMG-7401.jpg

  • Day 28. Shots just before an just after the final "branching" prune. Post prune I have 12 main branches that I'll train up. So from here on out I will just be thinning and doing clean up.




  • VIDEO! Day 28. Pruning. For the first 30 seconds I'm just taking off some of the big leaves to open it up, see inside better, and get light into the main branches. Then I start pruning to train one branch into two branches. I should be left with 12 colas that I'll train to the finish here.


  • Day 31. Seriously, 4 inches growth in 3 days. It's like I never pruned it. A jungle in there!
    It's telling me to go into transition to bloom tomorrow, but I'll likely wait a day or two longer.
    I'll set up the trellis system then and start training the branches to the same height using it. Also will take out a lot more leaves to expose the branches.