Lemon Creamsicle

  • @growguy that is staying short and squat. I’d Keep it in veg a little longer before letting it stretch.

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    After the last update I trimmed off all the unnecessary fan leaves that I could find and even after cutting off what felt like was half the plant, it grew right back like nothing happened. The lower parts of my plant are not getting enough light with such a thick layer of leaves on the top so removing some of the large leaves allows more light to get down there. Along with that I have been trying to train some of the taller colas to grow more towards the side in hopes of getting all the flowers to be around the same height. I'm going to wait for some of the branches to get a little bit longer then I may put in a scrog net. Looking good so far!

  • @growguy given the tight internodal spacing on that variety I think you could wait another week. Or two! But better safe than sorry!

  • @growguy That's some pretty good advice. I let mine get too tall before switching to flower and it's getting prettty close to the lights. I'm excited to see how this does since you're switching much earlier than I did. Going to keep following your posts!

    Thanks for the tips

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    This thing is getting dense! My plant has been topped a couple of times and has had some time to grow so it's looking like it's time to switch over to a flowering light schedule. It may look like it's too is early to switch to a flowering light cycle since this plant is only 7 inches tall but over the next couple of weeks it will explode in height. Having a plant get too tall can be an issue since the BLOOM grows plants so well. Moving forward I think I will trim off some of the larger fan leaves and maybe add a couple of branch benders to encourage it to grow out for a little then up.

  • @growguy that is pretty fast for a week. CAnt wait to watch it from here.

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    After topping my plant the other day I let it grow out for a few more days and here is where it is at. It's looking really healthy so far and has started to grow very quickly. I am going to have to start pruning frequently to keep my plant growing correctly but this is when the fun begins!

  • @gr0w3r Yes it is a feminized seed! No need to take the risk of getting a male.

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    The leaves have started to come in and it's growing much faster now! Looks like it's going to be time to "top" this plant soon so I can get more colas on this plant. Can't wait to start pruning!

  • @growguy that is a great name. Little gal looks happy. Is it feminized seed?