Tom the Beefsteak Tomato

  • We have our first sprout at 10 days, looks like there might be another sprout coming in as well! IMG-3768.jpg

  • Welcome to the world, Tom! Keep the updates coming @pg13!

  • Get ready! That variety is going to get big fast.

  • Day 12 Update -- Tom has a second sprout. When do people recommend trimming down to one sprout?IMG-3789.jpg

  • Tom squared! I would suggest waiting a little bit longer until both seedlings are more established. Then pick 1 of the 2 (actually looks like you might be getting a third from the angle) to keep when they're about 2 inches. Feel free to post another pic in the next day or so if you need another suggestion.

    Check out the new post in "Tip, Tricks, and Hacks" as well: Thinning and Pruning

  • Day 14 — @BloomCS you were right, we do have another sprout. I think I am going to wait a couple more days to trim down to one seedling, right now I think the right is looking like the strongest. 2AFD6266-4CFF-4D9D-9461-05A5D8E3EB75.jpeg

  • Sure, but how strong can it finish? :)

  • Day 18 -- Tom has been reduced to one seedling. He is looking very healthy and the roots are looking strong. My recipe has a stage change in 3 days from vegetative to transition. How can you tell if your plant is ready for a stage change?

    IMG-3796.jpg IMG-3797.jpg

  • Mosltly that depends on what your next stage is. If I remember, your PPM at this stage was around 800 ppm, which is just fine for a plant this size. What you are looking for to go to a higher ppm is about 2-4X that amount of top growth, and a really good mass of roots down below. I think you will hit that about 7 days from now, so you can just postpone the stage change when it asks.

  • Thanks @JT I will delay the stage change until we get growth that is 2-4 times that of the current growth. The next stage is transition where the PPM is set to go to 1100 with a 1:1:1 ratio. for 7 days.

  • Day 20 -- Seeing almost daily growth now, leaves are getting bigger by the hour!

  • Day 22 -- Tom has gotten bigger and his leaves have started to spread out more. Looking to move him to an aggressive vegetation cycle in 2 days.


  • It's grow time!

  • Some photos showing growth over the weekend. I also completed my first stage change and water change as well. The process took me about 15 minutes to complete and I did not encounter any problems besides a low PPM alert as my PPM started to climb back to my target levels. I have moved to an aggressive vegetation stage with the following set points:

    • Temperature = 78

    • Nutrients = 1000 with a 1.5 : 2 : 1 ratio

    • pH = 6

    • 16 Hour light cycle

    Day 23
    IMG-3806 (1).jpg

    Day 24

    Day 25

  • Tom at Day 28, growing quickly and rapidly. Love checking on the Bloom every morning and seeing the growth every day.

  • Quantum leap of growth!

  • @pg13 How's Tom doing this week?

  • I have been busy very recently and was out of the house for a week and came back to a completely different plant. I think I need to get in there and trim some of the lower branches to create some room. What do other people recommend?


  • Ha! I love that. I'd start by pruning leaves that are touching the ground. You will see two kinds of growth on a tomato. 1) leaves, 2) stems or suckers. The leaves are pretty obvious, like the leaf on the lower left. It is just a leaf. It has an end point. It is not growing a new stem. The suckers/stems grow out from between where a leaf joins a stem. A sucker is trying to create a new vine, and will set flowers. But in a closed space you don't want too many of them -- maybe 6 or 8 "vines" max in a closed system.

    On this plant I'd start by pruning any leaves that touch the ground. Cut them off back at the stem. Then I'd installthe trellis right on top of the current top growth.

    You can also clear off any brown or unhealthy leaves. Don't worry about pruning too much, you could take off 1/3 of that plant and still be ok. Post a picture after pruning and we'll see if there are any other clear next steps.

    I don't think "topping" this tomato is needed, as it has already developed lots of lead stems, and as an indeterminate variety (that means it will grow forever) you're not going to be able to keep it in the box without aggressive pruning anyway.

    You may get a few tomatoes soon! Start checking the older flowers for tiny, bb sized tomatoes in the middle of them.

  • Here is Tom after a trimming. Took all the dead stems and those hitting the bottom off and Tom looks healthy.

    ![0_1608834451544_C78E6358-7128-417F-B5BE-00B0976A9DBF.jpeg](Uploading 81%)