Buckeye Betty

  • Here she goes!

    Germinated Betty from seed and opened within 24 hours!

    Sprout started to emerge 2 days later.

    By day 7 she has fully emerged. Cotyledons and her first two real leaves looking good.

    Today, day 9, she is already starting two new leaves!

  • She'll really take off from here. Post often and the crew can offer feedback and what we've learned so far. Thanks!

  • Day 16, growing up nicely. Her leaves really bend around to take advantage of the sidelights. I'll keep posting as Betty keeps growing, and always open to helpful feedback!




  • Looking good. Do you know variety?

  • @Gr0w3r Yes, I put this in my introduction post but I should have added the strain info to this thread too.

    It's a pretty interesting strain called Buckeye Purple, which is a cross of Gorilla Glue and Granddaddy Purple, and known for it's intense pink and purple colas. If anyone is interested you can read more about the strain here: https://www.leafly.com/strains/buckeye-purple

    Also, @I_like_plants gave me this seed and has grown the strain before. He shared some pics in my introduction thread!

  • Another weekly update on Betty:

    This week the main electric switch needed to be changed out, so for a day she was taken out of the Bloom and placed under an AeroGrow. It gave a great opportunity to see her excellent root growth.


    Once she was happily back in the Bloom it was time for a stage change to Veg and a significant increase in nutrients. She exploded in growth shortly after!

    Seeing some of the other cannabis in this forum got very large quickly, Betty is going to be getting frequent trimming, topping, and likely LST. This week, (Day 22) she had her lower leaves trimmed and her first topping. Here is a quick video and some close-up photos of that process for anyone interested.




    Here is a photo from today (Day 24) of Betty that shows the two new growth points already starting from the topping. Let's GROW!




  • Update from the last two weeks: Betty completed her Veg 1 stage and started the Early Bloom stage today!

    At day 26 she had bushed back out with lots of new leaves and growth from the last trim with very strong stems underneath.


    By day 29 she was ready for another trim, and she's going to start some low-stress training with the trellis. By starting to train early with frequent trims it will maximize her bud formation in the bloom stages while preventing outgrowing the space.

    These shots are before the trim and trellis.


    And these are after the trim and trellis. It looks aggressive, but with the strong growing conditions of the Bloom she will bounce back quickly and stronger than before. By carefully stretching the stems out away from the center and away from each other using the trellis it will give each stem more space to grow and encourage more bud formation during the bloom stages.


    Here are all the trimmings for reference.


    Today, three days after the last trim on day 33 Betty has already grown a lot of new fan leaves and is stretching out under the trellis. Looking great heading into the first bloom stage! Away she grows!


  • Exciting reveal today...

    First, here are two pictures from last Friday (Day 40) and she has already bounced back stronger than before.

    Today (Day 44) she was ready for another pruning - only 11 days since the last trim - incredible!! My advice to other cannabis growers is you pretty much can't over prune a strong healthy plant in the veg and early flower stages in a BLOOM. The growing conditions are so optimal they grow back stronger and thicker after a good haircut, so get in there with your shears or scissors!

    Today's haircut took off all the lower undergrowth that was shaded, both fan leaves and bud sites, they won't get enough light and won't develop into strong buds. I also got aggressive and took off a lot of the biggest upper fan leaves that created shade on other parts of the plant. This will let in more light and air circulation. Lastly, I pulled the outside stems further out on the trellis to give every stem plenty of breathing room and space to get big.

    This will likely be the last major prune for Betty as she heads later into the flowering cycle. I'll still be removing crowded fan leaves here and there, but now with 8 strong large stalks from pruning and training, she is ready to grow up and put her energy into growing large dense buds and colas!

    Gender reveal time...she's definitely a girl!! :tada:

  • Day 47, and she has bounced back very well after the last pruning! The Buckeye strain is a slow grower, potentially taking over 100 days to finish, so while the next stage is supposed to happen in 5 days I'm going to extend the stage an additional 7 before re-evaluating to move into the flowering/bloom stage. I will update again when that happens.


  • Updates on Betty!

    Day 51, she was a nice large bush again. You can see I installed a second trellis to help with continuing to train the plant and spread the stems for maximum bud production. I'm not using the trellis to support the plant so much as actually push the stems away from each other and let more light in.

    I did some big leaf pruning to remove the largest sun leaves that are shading the plant. They grow back so fast and big this will be an ongoing process. You can see I took a lot off!

    Day 53, bouncing back from the last prune.

    Day 57, the colas are really starting to develop and she is smelling amazing! Betty loves the BLOOM. I am starting to see a slight discoloration right on the tips of her new growth. Likely a sign of nutrient burn. This makes sense because with the rapid growth she is sucking up lots of water and the reservoir is getting overly concentrated. I usually have to add more water every other day now to keep the nutrients within the correct range. I'll continue to monitor this.

  • Day 65! Seeing lots of vertical growth now, so I'm very happy I pruned and trained so diligently early on. You can see she has some very big happy sun leaves which is great, but they are going to shade the buds lower on the plant so they have to go!

    Betty, before and after a big leaf trim. You can see I took off a lot of foliage, but I only targeted the largest darkest green leaves that have their own stem and are not part of the bud development. There were so many little buds hiding down underneath, and this trim gives them all the light and air circulation they need to grow big like the colas on top.

    Here are just a few more pics from today, Day 66, plus some close up of the buds. We are approximately one month out from harvest now, so these buds are going to get big and dense from here! I'm starting to get very optimistic about the yield!

  • @HenHennesy Thanks for sharing! Looks like you are making the most out of the space within the BLOOM

  • I love how you are not afraid to prune. She is looking great!

  • Weekly update on Betty, Day 73. She's looking good and happy. Buds are really filling out and starting to stack on some of the colas. I have 2 weeks left on the recipe, but Buckeye Purple is a slow-growing indica so I may extend the flower for an additional week. Some grow journals I've seen will push this strain to over 100days before harvest.

    Just did the stage change to bloom 3, and I've modified the recipe a little by dropping the daytime temp from 76 to 70, and the nighttime temp from 69 to 55. Bit of an experiment here, but the plant is so healthy I'm not concerned about hurting her. My hope is to get her to pop with more of the purples, pinks, and reds, that the strain is so well known for. I
    ll report back on how it goes!


  • Glamour Shot

  • @HenHennesy Very impressive, thanks for sharing!

  • @HenHennesy , I think you could go a few more weeks there and still be adding mass. Don’t feel rushed! You can just repeat the last bloom stage forever, just doing water changes. Let the plant be your guide (then adjust the recipe and post it so we all learn)

  • It's Day 79 in the Bloom for Buckeye Betty and she is getting close! I'm going to modify the recipe and add an extra week and then play by ear from there to decide when to flush and harvest. I'm guessing I'll harvest between day 94 and day 100.

    It's been about a week since I modified and dropped the temps down to 70F daytime and 55F nighttime and we are seeing some new colors. I'm hoping with a couple more weeks of cold temps even more nice colors form. It looks like Betty was actually a Buckeye Purple and Jack Herer cross, which is why she doesn't have as much purple, but very frosty nugs. Should be delicious and a fantastic high!

    I decided to take one more aggressive prune called defoliation that removes pretty much all the leaves. This isn't always a good move and can shock or hurt the plant if it doesn't get perfect conditions, but the Bloom offers that so I'm giving it a shot. Defoliation before harvest lets the plant put the very last of its energy into the buds and nothing else.

    The buds are stacking nicely, and hopefully, they plump up even more as we get close to harvest, but the yield looks very promising.







  • Looks amazing. Learning a ton!

  • That looks awesome! And good call on adding a stage. Create a recipe that copies what you did after the grow so we can learn. I think you could still be a few weeks from harvest, but others might know better.