Bloomin' flowers

  • Hello everyone!

    Quick update on how the pre-sprouting process is going, which should take roughly 10-14 days from what I've read only. I've been checking in on them every couple of days, today is day 10.

    image0 (1).jpeg
    image1 (1).jpeg

    They're looking real plump which is a great sign! No sprouts yet however, thinking about trying to find a slightly warmer place that's still dark. Going to move my hygro thermometer to our garage and/or our crawl space to see if there's another area that sits closer to 50 degrees day and night to move them to - thoughts? My worry is that our fridge might be too cold (thermometer shows roughly around 40-41 degrees consistently).

    All feedback welcomed! The other thought I had if they don't pre-sprout in the next couple of days is stick them into the Bloom anyways. Pre-sprouting isn't absolutely necessary, from what I read it gives you a jump start but is also widely used to cut down on blank spaces when you plant them out into the field if they don't sprout.

    Thanks all!

  • This type of "seed" is new to me. I think you have way more expertise than I do. We should be able to crank the bloom down to about 60 degrees or so, if we dim the lights to about 30% (until germination). I think with this cool weather, spring species, we may want to dim the lights to about 65% through the whole grow (but we can look at how it is growing and adjust). So I think it would be ok to put them in bloom (split the pods down the middle to create space to gently enclose the seed. However, if you have read this is the best way to germinate, I would stick with it rather than experimenting too much (unless you have a lot more seeds). Recipe will come this weekend!

  • @JT - I've consulted with some local flower farmers over the past couple of days and they're recommending to move them into the Bloom since it's been more than 2 weeks that I've been trying to get them to presprout, we don't want to have a mold situation on our hands. I think your plan with the lights is perfect, we'll dim them way down until they germinate and then bump it up just a little bit for the whole grow. When you've got the recipe ready let me know and I'll get them moved in!

    Thanks for all the help on this!

  • @stina_carroll i posted a recipe for you in another thread. Shout if you can't find it or need help in creating the recipe!

  • @JT thank you thank you! I'll let you know how it goes!

  • Update on germination - anemones are looking great while I don’t think the ranunculus are going to make it.

    3 anemones:
    6C878DFA-0CA8-4080-8F72-0FBB27413E8A.jpeg CFEB2AF0-27A9-47A1-9AEE-E12A465040D4.jpeg 5D623B8C-9610-4AC1-859D-B8F3934CEF7B.jpeg CB7154A8-604B-486F-A4B3-033CE5403BCA.jpeg

    I had to cut into the soil pods to fit the plumped up corms in. I think due to the soil pod not having a lot of direct contact with the ranunculus corms they started to dry out and shrivel. Next time I think I would fill the pod with lose soil so it would be able to cradle the corm better.


    Should I remove the ones that haven’t sprouted?

  • @stina_carroll @JT I wonder if placing non-germinated seeds in the hydroton (clay balls) would work? Are they already too dry to try this?

  • I successfully completed a water change last night and moved onto the next stage this morning. I ended up filling the ranunculus pods with more soil and I did see one sprout on one of them! They’re very slow growers so hoping we still have a chance.

    Here’s the anemone that has grown the most so far:

  • Very cool! Can't wait to see more.

  • AED464E7-6631-4735-9A34-B143DCE77F8C.jpeg AB9157A2-C28B-4A24-8548-890FF2F7F664.jpeg

    Little ranunculus root and sprout!

  • All three ranunculus have sprouted as of this morning!! So we’ve got 100% germination rate! @JT I’m now in the early growth stage, since we had a couple of late bloomers should I stay in this stage for an extended time so they can catch up? I think I’m only 4-5 days into this stage right now.

  • Yay 100%!! My inkling is to stay put in this stage, but you can certainly judge this closer to when the time comes to switch. You can move to a new stage at any time, so it's easy to feel it out and wait if you need to.

  • 7C58D00E-D944-433B-A880-BB59CAD19991.jpeg

    Quick update! Everyone is growing and doing well. I’ve been holding off moving to the next stage for a couple of days while the late bloomers get in some more early growth. Should be moving to the next stage in a couple of days. Things are going well so far!

  • Hey what fun! Having never tried to grow something from those strange seed pods I didn't know how it would work, but those are looking good. They should grow really fast from here. Are your light levels dimmed or are you at 100%? Is the Bloom able to maintain our 65 degree targets in there? I can't wait to watch them grow!

  • @JT the Bloom is doing a great job keeping the temp around 65 degrees and I have the lights dimmed to 65%. All in all I think our recipe was spot on so far!

  • This is very cool to see! How tall do both of these grow to and at what point or maturity level do you plan to transplant? We'll be very interested to see how they do when changing environments once again.

  • @BloomCS - we’re going to keep them in the bloom through the flowering stage! So no more transplanting!

    I believe we’ve got our first anemone getting ready to pop up and say hello!


  • Fun! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Hi @stina_carroll! Are those plants re-adjusting alright in the BLOOM?

  • @BloomCS they’re very happy to be back in the Bloom! Our first anemone has grown several inches since Monday, hard to tell in this picture with the top lights being out